About MorFit Mindset

Company History & Vision

The Pillar Beneath The Star

The creation of MorFit Mindset was inspired by a passion for fitness, mental conditioning and a vision for the future. This vision is channeled to reveal our core values–attitude, exercise, diet and rejuvenation.  MorFit Mindset focuses on mental  conditioning that creates and sustains the growth attitude desired by business executives and athletes who seek an advantage.

The MorFit brand is trademarked in the categories of fitness,  life coaching and mental conditioning programs.  This represents  our holistic approach to health and wellness and how we embace the mind/ body connection for success in business and sports.

MorFit is identified in its logo as the pillar beneath the star, a continual support and a strong base. The star is you, reaching for your very best in business, life, sports and in health–confident that you are standing on solid ground.

How We Conduct Business

People come to this site to get something that will add value to their lives, not to be pushed to buy things.  Sure there is a like and share button at the bottom of each article but it’s not pushy–almost hidden and discrete as a matter of fact.  And yes, you will also find a thing at the bottom to subscribe in order to get articles sent to your inbox as soon as published.

That’s it.  No pop up, drop down sales stuff.  Sorry to be blunt.  This is for the reader first and foremost.  This is a give back to express gratitude to all those who gave to us and encouraged us to achieve through a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

MorFit puts out courses and services that really help people.  We are happy because revenue comes in entirely from making people’s lives better–everyone wins.

We hope you will let the MorFit Mindset vision and passion guide and inspire you to reach your performance goals faster.

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