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What’s The Real Story About Bottled Water?

by Annie Leonard

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Americans alone buy more than five hundred million bottles of water every week.

If we are to believe corporate bottled water honchos, much of their product is pristine nature water.  Au contraire–in many cases it’s merely filtered water from the tap, and around 2000 times more expensive when considering natural resources used, the manufacturing of plastic, plus distribution and advertising costs.

Also, it is said that 80% of all plastic bottles are not recycled but are headed for land fills where they’re destined to sit for thousands of years.

Now is a time when all of us might consider providing for the infrastructure and funding necessary to insure production of clean, affordable water for everyone, everywhere.

Instead of putting our money into the pockets of multinational companies one more time, why not opt for sustainable alternatives?  Watch this short film to see how.

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One Comment

  1. I find this posting most useful as it informed and countered the commercialization of the use of plastic bottled water by tapping into simple common sense to lead us back to the tap.

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