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What Is Impossible?

by Bojan Mirkovic


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They said…

Humans can’t fly.
It’s too heavy.
He will never run.
It’s too high.
Nobody can beat him.
Women can’t fight.
He is out.
It’s too deep.
It’s all about winning.

I say Nonsense.  Motivated is more to my liking!

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Motivation and Resilience

by Public Record

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Chad Jones was a star athlete from LSU and a former New York Giant football player whose promising professional career was put on hold by a tragic car accident before it even had a chance to begin.

This short documentary film from 2012 details Chad’s incredible rehabilitation and recovery from the horrific accident that nearly cost him his life.

Comprised of intimate interviews with him and his trainers, as well as never-before-seen footage of his long road to recovery, the film provides an unflinching view of an elite athlete facing unimaginable tragedy and refusing to submit.

His spirit is timeless and relevant to all of us.

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Motorcycling, Happiness and The Art of Goal Setting

by Charles R. Morgan


What does motorcycle riding have to do with setting goals?

I’ve been riding motorcycles since the age of 16, progressing from a 100cc scooter all the way up to several 1200cc touring bikes, from crotch rockets to luxurious, cross country BMW mile chewers. I’ve made it on two wheels from New York City as far as Hilton Head, Orlando, Key West, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, New Orleans and San Antonio, sometimes with a road map and sometimes without.

Along the way I rode what some call the baddest racing bike of them all, the MV Agusta F4– so nasty and beautiful and with such a deep championship racing heritage that it held its own display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Easy riding, sometimes to nowhere.

One of the joys of motorcycling is taking a Sunday morning ride with absolutely no destination in mind, go with the wind—start out with just a direction in mind and figure the rest out along the way. I may go north, make a gas stop once out of town, then decide where to go from there.

This is the essence of easy rider freedom, living in the moment, creating solutions on the spot without drifting too far away from the demands of the present. The consequence of not paying attention, however, is being squashed like a bug by another vehicle or careening off the side of the road into a ditch, and much worse lots of blood, broken bones and even instant death.

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How To Let Go of Frustration

by Leo Babauta

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We all get frustrated with other people. We want our coach, our team or our partner to be a certain way, our kids to do certain things, our spouses to be less something or other, our friends to change their lives, our relatives to be healthier, other people to be less rude, etc etc.

So what can be done about this? It can drive us crazy but we can’t make it happen. It’s out of our control. Trying to change others and wanting them to be the way we want them to be just doesn’t work. The alternative though, is unthinkable to most of us: to just let others be however they want to be even when that annoys you.

Here’s a way of being that I’m cultivating:

  1. Remind myself that I don’t control others.
  2. Remind myself that other people can live their lives however they want.
  3. See the good in them.
  4. Let go of an ideal that I have that’s causing the frustration.
  5. See that when others are being difficult, they are having a hard time coping and to empathize with this.
  6. Remember what it was like when I’ve had a hard time, when I struggled with change, when I’ve been frustrated.
  7. Do what I can to help them: to be of service, to listen, to let them feel heard.

I’m not good at this yet, but when I find my way, it helps. I’m less frustrated, it helps me to be more mindful, it improves my relationships and it helps others feel better. I wish this for all of you.


The Super Bowl: Strongest Minds Win?

by Paul A. Campbell

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Back in August 2013, Superbowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seahawks was photographed in ESPN The Magazine’s NFL preview issue sitting cross-legged, in the meditative lotus position, for a feature story on the team.

The article goes on to highlight what is currently a unique approach that Head Coach Pete Carroll uses to prepare, develop and care for the minds of his players as much as their bodies.  Coach Carroll believes that “happy players make for better players.”

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Tips To Master The Art Of Living

by Leo Babauta

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 “I’m eating right, exercising regularly, loving somebody, helping others when I can…yet something’s missing.”  

How familiar does this seem?  Well, here’s a heads up–don’t even think of reading this unless you are sitting comfortably and ready to make an immediate shift in perspective.

Imagine you had a gorgeous blueberry sitting on the otherwise empty plate in front of you. You pick it up gently, place it on your tongue, and begin to taste it.

You already know how a blueberry tastes, and so when this one is a bit riper than you’d like, you make a face, feel the disappointment, swallow it with displeasure.

Or perhaps it tastes exactly as you’d expected: no big deal. You swallow, and move on with your day.

In the first case, the blueberry was disappointing because it didn’t meet expectations. In the second, it was boring because it met expectations.

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Hard Work and Growth Mindset Vs Talent and I. Q.

by Angela Lee Duckworth

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It has been said that “hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard enough.”  What’s your belief?

 Dr. Angela Duckworth defines hard work as “grit,” an area she has studied as a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania for more than a decade.  

What she’s found has turned some fundamental ideas about the mindset of accomplishment and performance upside down.

Click  “play video” for a six minute exploration.


Tips On Ways To Be Happy

by Leo Babauta

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Everything I need to be happy is already within me.  I firmly believe that, but I’ve been asked a good question: if happiness comes from within, why should you pursue anything in life?

Why should you pursue goals, achieve anything, connect with others, exercise, eat good food … if you don’t need to do any of that to be happy? It’s a great question, and I’ll answer it with a simple exercise:

Let’s assume you don’t need to do any of that to be happy. You have happiness, from within, and you can go about your day and have just about anything happen and you’ll still be happy.

Now what? You can sit there and watch TV or do absolutely nothing, and you’ll be happy. Let’s call that Choice No. 1.

Or you can take actions to make others happy, to relieve their suffering, to see that they have the tools for happiness already. Focusing on the happiness of others is Choice No. 2.

Now, with either of these choices, you’ll be happy. You can do either, and it won’t necessarily affect your happiness. But with Choice No. 2, you’re increasing the happiness of the world.

I’d argue that Choice. No. 2 is better.

And this choice, to dedicate your time to helping others, relieving their suffering, making them happy … this is the motivation you can use for doing great things, for building something useful, for creating and working and being a good parent. It’s not about increasing your own happiness, but the happiness of others.


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Positive Mental Attitude: Fuel For Hall Of Fame Basketball Career


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Alonzo “Zo” Mourning played most of his 15-year basketball career for the Miami Heat.  On April 7, 2014 it was announced that Mourning will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

His tenacity on defense twice earned him NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award and perennially placed him on the NBA All-Defensive Team as a center.  But no one has overcome more serious health concerns to reach the pentacle in pro basketball.  In 2003 at the height of his career he contracted a deadly kidney ailment.

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How To Gain Confidence

by Leo Babauta and Charles R. Morgan

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You’re in the “lion’s den,” on the field, on court, out on the golf course or walking down the street before the meeting and you’re thinking “how can I gain more confidence?”

Let’s say you’re on the street.  You pass some store front windows and you check reflections of yourself in the glass, worrying a little bit more about your appearance.  Without even being aware, you’ve done it over and over again.

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Mental Toughness In Sports: Impossible Is Nothing

by Junn Abriza

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Arnel Aba lost his leg in a vehicular accident in 2004.  For him, mental toughness in sports is encapsulated in a phrase attributed to Muhammad Ali–

“Impossible Is Nothing.”

Aba drove a jeepney van in Iligan City, in the Philippines.  He was a street bully, basketball aficionado and lived a very active life but immobility left him depressed.  He was at a loss, and tried ending his life several times.  How could this be the making of a triathlete, family man, devoted father and future surfer and mountaineer?

Click on “play video” to find out what drives this athlete to succeed.

Again, what was your excuse?


Motivation To Exercise

by Leo Babauta

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There was a point in my life, back in 2005 and earlier, when I couldn’t exercise regularly. I really wanted to, I knew I should, but I couldn’t.

Some of you might be in this boat today.  I’m here to tell you: that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with you. Not being able to exercise regularly is the norm, and it isn’t a deficiency in who you are. It’s a deficiency in your method.

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