Effects of Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation on Athletes

by Aaron S. Ziebart, PT, DPT, cert. MDT, CSCS

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What if I told you that there was a new supplement that could increase your testosterone levels, increase your growth hormone levels, decrease your appetite and increase your energy levels–how much would you be willing to pay for it?

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What’s The Real Story About Bottled Water?

by Annie Leonard

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Americans alone buy more than five hundred million bottles of water every week.

If we are to believe corporate bottled water honchos, much of their product is pristine nature water.  Au contraire–in many cases it’s merely filtered water from the tap, and around 2000 times more expensive when considering natural resources used, the manufacturing of plastic, plus distribution and advertising costs.

Also, it is said that 80% of all plastic bottles are not recycled but are headed for land fills where they’re destined to sit for thousands of years.

Now is a time when all of us might consider providing for the infrastructure and funding necessary to insure production of clean, affordable water for everyone, everywhere.

Instead of putting our money into the pockets of multinational companies one more time, why not opt for sustainable alternatives?  Watch this short film to see how.

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Three Ways To Help Your Immune System Beat The Cold & Flu “Bug”

by Frank L. Nelms, Jr., MS


When people approach me lately, many have what they call “the bug.”  

Granted those in the rest of the country have been experiencing brutal weather, but here in California it’s been great!  I realized the problem was not the external weather but the “internal weather” in their bodies.

As a health products distributor in the Los Angeles area, I’ve come to like the term “biological terrain,” coined by the late neuropsychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD who indicated:

“…While cancer (and other immune system issues) can be triggered by any number of factors, it can only develop and spread if the terrain is favorable.”

Of course, I am talking about colds and flu, but the concept is the same. Your immune system which fights cancers and colds can beat either of them if the biological terrain is optimal.

​So how do we maintain favorable biological terrain?  Well let us move past some of the more common solutions like Vitamin C and Echinacea, as they are secondary to maintaining the terrain. Three of the things you want to be most aware of are discussed below…

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How Computers Impact On Posture And Health.

by Raja Gopal

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Tethered to your computer or a sedentary desk job?  You’ve felt the pain and heard the message–sitting too long impacts on your posture and health.  But, “I exercise!”

Research continues to find that even those who spend adequate amounts of time exercising outside of the prolonged periods spent sitting are still at risk.

Ergotron’s Senior Research Manager Carrie Schmitz  offers the following three “healthy computer use” tips…

  • Create a better posture. Arrange the computer display and keyboard to support the body’s neutral posture. This means placing your equipment at the correct level for a person’s height. The screen should be at eye level. The keyboard should be at elbow level and the seat height should be at knee level. In this neutral posture there is less structural strain on your body, resulting in lower energy expenditure and reduced fatigue.
  • Incorporate movement into the computer routine. Using a sit-stand workstation is an excellent way to move effortlessly from one posture to another (which is called postural rotation). By bringing more movement into your computing, you stave off the build-up of toxic waste in the muscles which occurs when one remains still without moving (static loading) for long periods of time. These built-up toxins from staying still without moving limit the amount of oxygen circulating to cells and contribute to the damaging effects of inflammation.
  • Take a “breather” regularly. Resting for one or two minutes after every 20 minutes at the computer is important. After two hours of computer work, take a longer break of at least 15 minutes to give the body the time it needs to rejuvenate. Working without a break will reduce productivity and over time the stress on mind and body can cause illness that cancel out any perceived gains from the longer energy output. Regular periods of rest can compensate for the negative effects of faulty posture and static loading; it’s vital to find a good work-life balance. Remember the three Bs: breath, break and blink.

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Relaxation Hawaii Style: Release Yourself

by Megan Concheri

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Sometimes you want to just let go, do nothing.  Rejuvenate.

 A picture.  

A short movie with music–worth a thousand words.  

We hope you love it and find your own piece of heaven on earth this day.  

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Whole Body Ice Treatment For Athletes

by Ice Lab

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Cold can be healthy.

Just sayin…burrrr.

Athletes using ice baths–cryotherapy–to fight inflammation is a well known treatment to decrease swelling and manage pain.

Extensive clinical studies from rheumatologists such as Yamauchi, Fricke and Papenfub have proven that cold therapy presents an essential gain as an important building block in a combined therapy for the treatment of rheumatic disorders. Whole body cryotherapy is also applied more and more in sport activities for its recovering and therapeutic positive efffects.

Even if you’re not game for the cold chamber, cold tub or ice bath, how about ice packs, cold spray or cold wrapping on sore joints and soft tissue right after exercise?  At least consider following your post workout hot shower with a cold one.

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Effects Of Alcohol On Athletic Performance

by Tavis Piatolly, MS, RD


Besides eating, there’s not much more we like to do in New Orleans than celebrate a festival, football game, Mardi Gras or any other type of party with an alcoholic beverage.  Wait, we even have alcohol at most of our post race events!

What we may not realize are the negative effects it has on our body’s ability to recover and repair damaged muscle tissue.  Furthermore, the additional amount of empty calories consumed in the process could lead to excessive weight gain.

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Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.


–Helen Keller

Athletes Use Nutrition For Injury Recovery

by Tavis Piatolly, MS, RD

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Not practicing or playing due to injury is fertile ground for depression and eating junk food.   Weight gain during the healing phase plays a detrimental role in getting back to action.

Here are some strategies to support healing from David Geier, MD, a noted orthopedic surgeon with a lot of experience working with adult athletes.

How can you feel better about yourself, promote the healing process and stay lean while out of commission?


You are what you eat.  You are also how, and how often you exercise.  You are how well you sleep and recover. In short, you are how well you take care of yourself.

–Dr. Jim Loehr

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Injured Athlete: The Comeback Initiative

by EXOS Athletes Performance

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Back to Duty.  Back to life.

The Comeback Initiative program is dedicated to providing world-class integrated training, rehabilitation and nutrition services to injured and wounded military, law enforcement, fire fighter and first aid personnel.

The program is dedicated to providing the same level of support afforded to professional athletes when they become injured to the men and women who protect our freedom and safety. The program is made possible through Athletes’ Performance and donations from charitable organizations and corporations.

Now, what was your excuse?