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How Is Exercise Making Me Smarter?

by Terrence McCormick


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We all know the benefits of exercise on proper blood flow, waste removal and delivery of essential nutrients such as oxygen and glucose (blood sugar).  But how is it actually making me smarter?

Studies show that exercise not only reduces symptoms of depression and stress, but also is vital to maximize brain functioning by increasing production of neurotransmitters.

Watch this short video to see how a balanced diet and exercise stimulates brain cells needed to be more alert, focused, productive and smart.

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  1. Great article! Timely and fitting in today’s culture of those seeking longevity. As we know, physical health is next to mental health. Both impact the other! Healthy brains = healthy minds. Thank you for the article Team Morfit! Sincerely,
    David – Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. One thing I know about guys and gals fortunate enough to live in Hawaii. You are among those who enjoy the longest lifespans of any state in the USA. So being healthier, smarter and taking advantage of perfect weather year round are all ingredients for motivation and a no-excuses attitude. Stay after it David, and thanks for your comments. Share this information with your friends and loved ones!

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