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Develop The Lower Body, Core And Balance Without Using Machines.

by Mountain Peak Fitness

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Here is a demanding exercise that does not require the gym environment to develop lower body strength, core strength and balance.

Over time when you have mastered the movement pattern, progress by grabbing a weighted object in one or both hands and you’ll send those feet, legs and glutes to the “furnace” big time!

Insist on perfect execution of each rep.  In the video, notice how the athlete keeps his non-stance foot right next to the stance foot.  In the beginning you may only be able to do 5 reps on each leg–work your way up to 8-12.  You might also require a long stick, pole or a wall for extra support until you can complete your reps successfully.  Be creative.

Perform this sequence on your “lower body pull” days and prior to endurance training.


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