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Going Vegan: How To Get Enough Protein Without Meat And Fish

by Lee Memorial Health System

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You mean I don’t have to eat meat or fish to get enough protein?

Going green is a life sustaining strategy that has gained momentum, even crossing over into what more and more of us are eating.  Plant based foods grown from the earth are now preferred by more and more in the mainstream, and it seems there is no turning back.

The concept of Meatless Monday is a way for non vegans to start fueling the body so that, with proper planning, it is no longer necessary to count calories,  your heart health is enhanced and diabetes is controlled.  Even those concerned about getting enough protein in their diet need not worry.

Take on Meatless Monday as a new habit for the next 30 days and see what difference it makes.  Trimming calories equals trimming fat off your body, increasing energy and overall improvement in health, wellness and athletic performance.

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